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There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to solving mental health in the workplace. Businesses carry the responsibility to provide a healthy work environment and put strategies in place to ensure you are on the front foot of Australia’s rising social challenge.

Bullying, harassment, workplace psychological injury, stress and a heavy workload can all lead to significant mental health issues within any business. Ignoring these will results in a decline in performance, a rise in absenteeism, sick leave and decreased productivity, which in turn affects the organisation's overall success.

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Find out how we uncover the first signs of mental health in your workplace

Navigating Workers Compensation

Workers compensation can be a costly consequence for an organisation, from insurance premiums to the subsequent associated costs associated with staff absence and general disruption to the business.

We help you to mitigate these risks and costs with our specialist mental health resources and tools.

By placing an emphasis on the prevention of mental health issues in the workplace and with a bottom to top approach, we start with the health needs of employees, management of issues and then cycle back to future prevention.