2OPHealth Occupational Psychiatry and Psychology

Mental health issues in the workplace can affect people and organisations across the broad spectrum of employment and in any industry.

2OPHealth provides tailored occupational psychiatry and psychology services to individuals, organisations and health professionals across Australia.

We focus on prevention, education, rehabilitation and structured mental health treatment plans.

Our clinic was founded after years of clinical experience in treating mental health conditions associated with employees’ workplace difficulties and identifying a need for improved treatment pathways.

Anxiety, stress and depression are increasingly common conditions that often go unnoticed or unreported at work. Allowing these conditions to develop can be damaging to both individuals and organisations.

Fitness for work and workers compensation are also often overlooked or poorly understood.

With better access to occupational psychiatric and psychological services, employers and employees can benefit from early intervention and avoid the issues associated with allowing mental health problems to develop in the workplace. Effective treatment can improve individual capacity, clarity, motivation and fulfillment at work.

Our aim is to raise awareness and understanding of workplace mental health issues and provide GPs, employers, individuals and the wider community with more streamlined psychiatric and psychological services for improved treatment outcomes.