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2OP Health works hand in hand with other healthcare professionals to offer a holistic and comprehensive understanding of all factors involved when dealing with workplace mental health

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General practitioners (GPs) and specialists often avoid cases coming in from workers compensation due to the lack of understanding of the process, condition and situation experienced by patients.

We offer occupation-based treatments specifically created to help patients struggling with mental health issues in the workplace which reduces the risk and need for concept of medicalisation and treatment resistant situations.

Our program aims to provide GPs and specialist with a comprehensive knowledge of the system as a whole as well as factors involved in occupational psychiatry and psychology, providing GPs the tool to improve a patient’s occupational journey and enables additional income from work involving insurance.

This includes the ability to interact with IME, insurance and rehabilitation providers, in addition to understanding and familiarity with psychiatric injury and management.

2OP Health provides specialist guidance to help patients evaluate their situation objectively, build strategies that will improve their circumstances and avoid engaging in potentially years of poorly planned psychiatric and psychological treatments without significant improvement.

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