About Occupational Psychology & Psychiatry Sydney

Pioneers of improved mental health treatment pathways and early intervention

2OP Health advocates the importance of eliminating stigma, raising awareness, and creating a safe space for conversations and understanding of work-related mental health issues. With early intervention and better access to occupational psychiatric and psychological services, employers and employees can avoid the aftermath and negative effects associated with mental health problems from developing in the workplace.

Meet Our Team

A team of specialists, 2OP Health was founded in Sydney after years of combined clinical experience and expertise in treating mental health conditions.

Dr Frank Chow | Psychiatrist Sydney | Organisational and Occupational Psychiatry
Dr. Frank Chow
Mitch Jordan | Psychologist Sydney | Counselling and Workplace Rehabilitation
Mitch Jordan

2OP Health Sydney are now the trusted avenue for working professionals facing work-related mental health issues with a commitment to improve outcomes for every individual.