Work-related Health Prevention, Rehabilitation & Treatment

Work-related Mental Health Prevention & Treatment

With years of clinical experience, Dr Frank Chow & Mitch Jordan specialise in treating mental health conditions associated with workplace difficulties.

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Mental health struggles can happen at any stage of your working lives. These issues vary from job satisfaction, career advancement, interpersonal relationships, organisational changes, misalignment with organisation’s mission, adjustment to new technologies or retirement.

Complexities behind work-related mental health issues and workers compensation processes also often lead to confusion and added stress. Our team of experts are well versed in navigating these complexities.

We offer a personalised and wholesome approach through psychiatric treatment as well as any required recommendation of non-psychiatric support such as career and business coaching, exercise physiologist and rehabilitation services.

Working closely with employees, managers and human resources, we provide prevention strategies, self-care awareness, access to structured treatment pathways, comprehensive mental assessments, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and monitored ongoing management of mental health issues.

All patients need to do is obtain a mental health care plan and psychiatrist referral from a GP.

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