mental health issues

For Organisations

Organisations have a responsibility to address any mental health issues identified in the workplace and should have a strategy in place to deal with them. The mental health needs of employees cannot be met with a generic approach and no clear strategy.

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Human Resources departments need the tools and resources to properly identify and manage any mental health issues that employees may be having. Bullying, harassment, workplace psychological injury, stress and heavy workload can all lead to significant mental health issues.

We can help you to identify the signs of mental health issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or depression in the workplace, and provide structured pathways to effective treatment.

Workers compensation can be a costly consequence for an organisation; not only the insurance premium but also subsequent associated costs from staff absence and general disruption to business. We can help you to mitigate these risks and costs with the specialist mental health education and resources we provide.

We place an emphasis on the prevention of mental health issues in the workplace and have a bottom to top approach, which starts with the health needs of employees, management of issues and then back to prevention.

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