Occupational Psychiatry

Occupational Psychiatry

Occupational psychiatry is a subspecialty of general psychiatry that focuses on work and its importance in the lives of individuals and the functioning of organisations.

Mental health problems cost the Australian economy a significant amount in workplace absenteeism and forced sick leave. Workplace mental health issues can also cause distress to employees and their colleagues, disruption of team dynamics and morale, and sometimes the loss of key staff.

Occupational psychiatrists and psychologists are required to have a good understanding of organisational culture, business structure, workplace difficulties, individual needs and motivation issues in order to guide a patient through their workplace mental health problems.

Individuals can develop psychological difficulties at any stage of their working lives. Issues include:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Career advancement
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Organisational changes
  • Employee misalignment with organisation’s mission
  • Adjustment to new technology and systems
  • Adjusting to retirement

Our occupational service aims at providing prevention and rehabilitation treatment in a practical and effective manner.

In ongoing situations, workers compensation often becomes the last option due to deteriorated psychological difficulties.

Our experience is that occupational mental health issues and the workers compensation processes are usually complex. It is often a confused and difficult journey for an individual with unnecessary complications.

2OPHealth works with employees, managers and human resources to provide:

  • Mental health strategies for prevention
  • Self care awareness
  • Access to structured treatment pathways
  • Comprehensive mental assessments
  • Diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and ongoing management of mental health issues
  • Holistic care
  • Psychological wellbeing programs