Mitch Jordan

Mitch Jordan

BPsychSc (Hons), DipPsych

About your psychologist:

Mitch Jordan is a registered psychologist with over 10 years’ experience providing counselling and workplace rehabilitation managing mental health in strategic, preventative and individual settings.

After completing his Bachelor of Psychology in 2009, Mitch worked in occupational rehabilitation whilst continuing his training as a psychologist. Mitch is a firm believer of prevention over cure. He is an advocate of the health benefits of gratifying work and assisting clients in developing a pathway back to, or maintaining work that is both successful and fulfilling within a holistic biopsychosocial approach to recovery.

Mitch’s special interests include:

  • Treatment of mental health disorders related to workplace and occupational matters including vocational performance, sustainability and health benefits of good work
  • Telehealth and technology driven client engagement (e.g. app based mindfulness, activity scheduling, psychoeducation and general health) across adult and adolescent populations.
  • ACT-based therapy (including FACT) to empower clients with holistic interventions

Mitch has experience dealing with a wide range of mental health conditions and his varied experience provides him with an in-depth understanding of a wide range of industries, occupations and the unique issues that can arise across various workplaces.

Mitch also has extensive experience working with teenage and young adults managing the transition between study, work and life stages.

The goal of Mitch’s treatment is to empower clients to make valued long-lasting changes to their lives and provide them with the skills necessary to maintain their wellbeing even when encountering life’s inevitable hurdles.