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Nikki TuganoNikki Tugano

Career Coach

Nikki Tugano is a qualified Coaching Consultant & Career Coach specializing in Professional Development, Wellbeing, and Leadership. She is an experienced HR and Learning & Development professional, with a background in Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology, providing a well- rounded foundation for her professional coaching practice.

Nikki is passionate about helping people succeed at what matters to them most. Driven to help others create their unique success story, she supports them to achieve key milestones along the way. It is her goal-focused, systemic and holistic approach that enables her clients to perform at their best and reach their potential. Being a people person at heart, she coaches her clients with warmth, energy and authenticity.

Nikki holds a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology with Coaching Psychology in the UK, and a BCom in HR and BSc in Psychology in Australia. She is a certified Strengths Coach Practitioner with Strengths Partnership, in affiliation with the British Psychological Society. She is also working towards her accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.

Nikki’s master’s thesis on strengths-based interventions for enhancing wellbeing, work performance and satisfaction, is a testament to her dedication to promoting workplace wellbeing and performance.

Her academic & teaching background in Positive Psychology at the University of Melbourne perfectly complements her professional Coaching & HR practice where she has leveraged her behavioural science expertise to deliver tangible commercial success in multiple industries across Australia and the UK.

Drawing upon both science and real-world case studies, Nikki ‘walks the talk’ by continually developing not only her clients but also herself to be the best coach she can be.

In the corporate world, Nikki has implemented Coaching, Leadership and Wellbeing Programs, striving to develop people’s potential and promote workplace wellbeing. Working with both individuals and teams, she trains coaches on how to coach, leaders on how to lead, and people on how to enhance their wellbeing and performance. Specifically, taking a holistic approach she helps people to find meaning and purpose in their work, exploring with her clients how to craft the right career fit for them, their strengths, passion and desired lifestyle.

Beyond Coaching & Teaching, Nikki’s multitude of talents extends to the Management Consultancy industry where she is part of a wider team of Coaching Consultants at Ne-Lo. Ne-Lo are Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) specialists, helping build businesses and leaders that people love to engage with and employees love to work for.

Nikki’s special interests include:

  • Positive Psychology & Wellbeing
  • Coaching Psychology
  • Leadership Development
  • Career Coaching & Job Crafting
  • Employee Experience / Engagement
  • Learning & Development
  • Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values Alignment